Public relations &

Strategic advice

Jackson PR Associates is a strategic public relations agency specialising in communications planning, issues management, social media and government & media relations.
Issues & Crisis


The are two kinds of issues: Those arising from known risk and those that are unanticipated.Jackson PR Associates has the capabilities to manage both.
Social media


Modern public relations demands high competency in using social media. This is a speciality of Jackson PR associates.


Jackson PR Associates continues the 20 year legacy of Jackson Wells, which became one of Australia's leading public relations companies.

Unlike its predecessor Jackson PR Assoicates has added great expertise in social media and expanded its horizons to include Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, as well as Australia.

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Our team

Jackson PR Associates has assembled a top multinational team of communications professionals, covering the full galaxy of public relations skills.

Skill sets include communications planning & strategy, communications research and development, social media implementation, video & audio production and many more.

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